• Women who have reached their ‘tipping point’ – when leaving has become a viable option
  • Women who have recently separated
  • Women who have been divorced and struggling to move on with their life

Coaching Programs include:

Consultation as needed
Booking a consultation on an as needed basis is available.

Divorce Strategy Program:
The Divorce Strategy program delivers personal coaching via a focused 45-minute session each week for 3 months. Each session gives specific actions for the week, leading to a divorce action plan designed to keep you on track and in control of your divorce journey.

Divorce Alchemy Program:
This bespoke program consists of working together for a minimum period of 3 months with the option to extend this for a further 3 months. From my experience, this level of very personal, as needed in-the-moment coaching, attendance at meetings, communication skills and helping clients build their team of professionals has a profound and positive impact on their separation and divorce journey.

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