As the founder of ‘The Divorced Women’s Club’ my passion is helping women navigate their way through the different phases of divorce. “Helping them create a life they love after divorce is when we get to play.”


Jenny is a highly skilled coach and facilitator with a passion for helping women gain control of all aspects of the separation and divorce journey.  Working very closely with them each step of the way, providing 24/7 access to her phone to address issues in the moment and helping her clients feel more positive and remain focused on achieving the best possible outcomes.

Change can be easy, if you know how.

After four years of extensive training in Australia with some of the most highly acclaimed trainers in the field of NLP, including James Tsakalos, 5 years online training with Michael Breen, Britain’s foremost business and NLP Trainer, Jenny has earned certification as an NLP Master Practitioner a powerful and versatile set of tools both for communicating effectively and for facilitating behavioural and psychological change.

On a personal note, my early childhood and teenage years involved moving with my family to new towns and different states with my dad’s work.  My parents divorced when I has 19 and my family as I knew it was never the same again.  My relationship with my Dad became virtually non existent and we rarely saw him.  He never met his grandchildren. The fallout from divorce reaches far and wide.

Over the years as my love for coaching has continued to grow so too has my commitment to create programs, courses and free resources for separated and divorced women.

The Divorce Women’s Club has given me, not only the most amazing opportunities to connect with women all around the world but also to meet with many inspiring, strong and resourceful women.

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