Reality Bites


Conducted in person, telephone; or Skype. With the right tools and resources you will

  • Make better choices and decisions
  • Take control of your emotions
  • Be more resourceful
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Regain your sense of self-worth
  • Unlimited email access
  • Membership into a community support group




  • Pre-coaching package
  • 6 x 45 minute coaching sessions
  • Soulwork assignments
  • Unlimited email in between sessions

About Jenny Smith

Jenny Smith has written 2 post in this blog.

Jenny is an absolute advocate and champion for women rediscovering themselves through the process of divorce.

She is the creator of the Divorced Women's Club and Co-creator of Separation Made Easy She delivers bespoke programs for women through her coaching services, writing, on-line programs and the Divorced Women's Club Members Lounge, a safe and private community for women to connect, share and support each other.